If you can’t make it good, make it big.
— Ansel Adams
Three Birches, Shin Pond, Maine (detail)

Three Birches, Shin Pond, Maine (detail)


I have worked in wet darkroom/silver gelatin since I was thirteen, learning from my father in his basement darkroom. The silver prints I show and sell are made from the best available materials, lightly selenium toned (for permanence) and archivally washed and handled.

Please note that resolution and tonality of a well made silver print are inadequately rendered on websites.

Materials, and editions vary by portfolio. Each is detailed below.

Silver prints are signed and numbered limited editions. Digital prints (archival inkjet, 'giclee,') are signed and numbered, but not limited editions.

Prices may change without notice. PayPal accepted. (Or mail me a good ol' check.) Satisfaction guaranteed. (Returns accepted.)

Always feel free to ask if you're not seeing what you want or I've been unclear. 


These printed in two sizes: nominal 11 x 14 and nominal 16 x 20. Edition sizes vary, but never exceed 20 in each size.

First prints (numbers 1-5) for any image are $1000 for 11 x 14's, $1500 for 16 x 20's. Later prints are higher. Contact me for availability of specific images.

Archival inkjet ("giclee") print prices are half those of silver prints.


These are archival inkjet ("giclee") prints on cotton rag paper. Nominal 20 x 30-inch prints are $800 for numbers 1-5. 


Two of the ten original prints from the China show remain available. They are 16x20 pigment/rag (archival) inkjet prints. $750.

[More portfolios are being added to this page.]




I post fairly random images — things I like at the moment or find in a file. If one of them strikes your fancy, I'll send you an archival inkjet 10 x 10 for an even hundred bucks. (Essentially at cost.)