Fan mail received through publisher. Manna from heaven.

Fan mail received through publisher. Manna from heaven.

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Publishers Weekly  

Pediatric anesthesiologist Farris's debut is as sharp as a scalpel: a gripping, well-crafted novel of medical suspense offering more than the adrenaline rush of constant emergency room disasters. … it moves beyond Robin Cook territory and is both substantial and original.


Works as both medical suspense and as a harrowing collection of medical war stories. …the character of Ishmail and his obsession with the past are especially compelling.

Michael Ruhlman, author of Walk On Water: Inside An Elite Pediatric Surgery Unit

Dr. Farris's book is fascinating, a genuine ethical thriller. … Like the train wreck you can't bear to watch and can't bear not to watch. Because it's true."

Joshua Gilder, author of Ghost Image

Farris's unique blend of medical knowledge, heart-pumping suspense and superb literary style makes this classy medical thriller impossible to put down. Lie Still has one of the scariest doctors - doubly so because she's so believable - that has ever haunted the medical mystery genre."

The Oregonian  

Remember Michael Crichton's "Disclosure"? Well, the ruthless woman character works even better as a brain surgeon. As Ishmail is seduced by his supervisor, the comely and intimidating Dr. Miriam ("Mimi") Lyle, you can practically hear the movie soundtrack, and it sounds a lot like the ominous John Williams score that heralded the shark in "Jaws." …Delivers what it promises: a very human hero, an enjoyable immersion into the dramatic world of emergency medicine - with enough heat and suspense to keep the pages turning.

Denver Post

A gripping, well-crafted novel of medical suspense...This is a drama of human frailties and redemption.

Salem Statesman Journal  

One could say (Farris) is following in the footsteps of Michael Crichton, but Farris has a voice all his own. … Don't try to second-guess Farris. Part of the strength of Lie Still is the authenticity of its material and the fact that at its heart it's not merely a "high concept" idea but a serious dilemma. The book deals, in large part, with medical ethics. And life-and-death matters. …Farris' writing is lean and does just what it should. That is, it pulls you in and delivers genuine suspense.

Poisoned Pen Bookstore and Press - selected as "New Author of the Month"  

I'm not ordinarily a reader of medical thrillers, but this novel not only rivets you with its ER scenes, it has some great hooks. …The window Farris opens on the lives of young medical residents in terms of their health and emotions is truly disturbing. …And did I mention the murder?

The Olympian    Reviewed by Barbara McMichael, "The Bookmonger"

Timing is everything. A couple of months ago, when a family member was scheduled for surgery, I might not have enjoyed the new medical thriller Lie Still nearly as much as I did last week -- now that my relative is safely out of the hospital.

Queen Anne Books - Seattle, WA   Reviewed by Tegan Tigani

Farris has written a debut novel that is one of the most addictive page-turners we've read in a while. Lie Still is a medical thriller filled with frightening truths about medical practice and human nature. Narrator Malcolm Ishmail tells of his professional descent from promising ER intern at a hospital in Arizona to disgraced itinerant doctor in a tiny town in Nebraska. More than just a thriller, this book will appeal not only to fans of Michael Crichton or Robin Cook, but also to readers who enjoy explorations of human frailties and their consequences (like Phillip Roth's The Human Stain). The gripping story, intriguing characters and professional insights make it a great read.


LIE STILL is not a prototypical medical thriller. That's why some people love it. Same reason others hate it. We got an interesting criticism in selling both the manuscript and the film rights: 'Not enough dead bodies.'

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